Our vision

We believe that pregnant women and new mothers who feel supported in their individual questions and needs have an easier time adapting to all of the changes - physical, emotional, and schedule changes - that pregnancy and motherhood bring, and that this directly affects the well-being of the entire family.

In the near future, we plan to start reaching women of all ages and needs by offering a line of health and well-being products accessible to all through our services and partners.

Our Solution

We provide 'smart care' through our virtual assistant Madá together with our nurses who step in to support each cycle of a woman's life.

In this way, Pode Perguntar enhances the work of health professionals and, at the same time, guarantees accurate and quality care.

The data collected by our robot - Madá - is digitized and structured in a dashboard. Our focus is to offer real-time monitoring of the health indicators of each mother or pregnant woman guided by our team.

The indicators can be customized according to the needs of the partner organization: data structuring and digitization.

Madá is trained to help mothers during pregnancy and the postpartum period also women trying to get pregnant. We make the White Label option available to interested organizations.

Proprietary web platform integrated with the chatbot for the hybrid service of health professionals. It is available in desktop and mobile versions, adding more productivity and versatility.

Our health team comes on the scene when Madá is unable to answer a question, when the mother or pregnant woman needs to clarify a specific issue or when we identify the need for closer follow-up. At any time, she can ask to be seen by the nurse.

What set us apart?


You don’t need to download an app. It is available on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Webchat.


Madá is available all day, every day.


all content is made and/or validated by health professionals who are experts in the field of pregnancy and puerperium.

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